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Who is a sexologist?. What is Sexology?. This page tells you everything about this elusive medical specialty.

The Best Sexologist in Chennai – Dr. Shah’s perspectives on Sexology & in being a Sexologist.

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SEXOLOGY: Sexology is the scientific study of human sexual life and sexual relationships in many aspects. Just as neurologists study neurology, chemists study chemistry; sexologists study human sexual behaviors, interests, feelings, functions and interactions.Many different fields are encompassed with sexology like :-

1.Psychology 2. Biology  3. Medicine  4.Epidemiology 5. Anthropology.

The study of sexual life requires understanding of many fields related to human beings, as sex is a complicated topic that affects many aspects of human life and nearly all aspects of intimate relationships.

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Sexologist Doctors deal with the Science of Sex


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Dr. Shah, the best sexologist in Chennai states that..

“The scientific study of human sexual life is ancient and humans have always been interested in exploring more about sexuality. Sexology used to be included within other fields like psychology and medicine”.

In 1886, sexology first came out for existence as a separate science thanks to Richard Von Krafft-Ebing, a German psychiatrist who publish a book “Psychopathia Sexualis” which was a great piece of work describing all forms of abnormal sexual behaviors he ran across through his entire career.

Many works of sexology were published later establishing sexology as a separate and unique science.  Now there are many scientific journals solely-dedicated to sexual research.



Dr. Shah, the best sexologist in Chennai states that a “sexologist is a specially-trained sex therapist who is most qualified to help clients deal with their sexual problems. A sexologist can be a psychologist, psychiatrist or an anthropologist specialized in studying human sexual behaviors and disorders”.

A sexologist may practice as a researcher, sexual educator, sex counselor or a clinician. Sexologists work with their clients on problems like rapid ejaculation for men, anorgasmia (failure of reaching or orgasm) for women or diversity in sexual desires between both partners.

Sexologists try to solve these problems by increasing their clients’ awareness of their existence, identifying the underlying causes, fixing any organic disorders that might exist,

making couples more comfortable and willing to talk to each other about sex, and equipping both parts of the relationship with the necessary skills needed to solve their problem.

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As any therapy session, your sexologist will initiate the session by greeting you and obtaining your name (or names if you come as a couple), he will then introduce himself, his role and nature of the session.

First step towards a successful solution for any problem is recognizing the presence of it. Your therapist will dig deeper so he can determine :-

  • What the problem is exactly?

  • Why you have such a problem (the causes)?

  • How serious is your problem (to what extent it affects your sex life)?

  • Whether it is due to a past experience, a wrong belief, an organic disorder, lack of necessary sexual education and skills or a  psychological problem?

  • Whether it can be solved by a session alone or it requires help from another healthcare professional?


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A corner stone for any successful therapy is talking. The sexologist will encourage you to talk to him about your feelings, ideas and thoughts. By talking to your therapist, he does not only gather more helpful information about what might be the problem, but you also learn to be more comfortable to talk to your partner about that problem, talking to your therapist will help you open up and share your hidden feelings and expectations with your partner.

You might think it will be much harder to open up to someone you never knew before (your therapist) than someone you share every part of your life with (your lover), but this is not actually the case.

Humans tend to hide secrets from the ones they love the most, plus it is nothing to be compared to conversing with a stranger, sex therapy offers you the opportunity to have a productive conversation with a well-trained therapist whose feelings you aren’t afraid to hurt, who encourages you to express yourself, doesn’t interrupt you, listens attentively to what you’re saying, facilitates your response by asking the right questions, knows how to deal sensitively with embarrassing topics and has great skills to define what goes on wrong between you and your partner and how to solve it.

Even just voicing your thoughts and feelings that you never actually got a chance to express can be very healing.


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One of the main approaches in clinical sexology is called “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)” which is defined as a goal-oriented short-term psychotherapy that aims at changing patterns of problematic thinking or behavior responsible for creating difficulties for the patient.

It’s based upon the proved great impact a belief can have on someone’s behavior and function. An example is a sex problem arising from a false belief that considers extreme hardcore sex as sign of masculinity and manhood, CBT will be very effective in management of such case.

Between the sessions, your sexologist may prescribe some exercises or assignments to do. For example, he may suggest you to go out on a romantic date and come home early with intention of simply touching and exploring each other.


If your sexologist thinks your case requires medical intervention like drug prescription or medical investigation, he will prescribe you the necessary medications to solve your problem in the safest way possible

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Statistics shows that :-

Premature ejaculation is the most common cause of sexual dysfunction in MEN

About 10-15% of young and middle age male groups experience premature ejaculation at some point every year.

An average women needs 10 to 20 minutes of stimulation to reach orgasm.

Only in 29% of sexual intercourse, women actually reach orgasm.

In about 80% of all cases, women are faking their orgasms.

One if four women have been beaten by her partner during intercourse

One in five women have been forced to enter a sexual intercourse session

One if six women have been stalked from a sexual view point

About 5% of middle-age group and 20% of old-age group men experience erectile dysfunction.

Women are more cautious than men in entering a new relationship, also they’re more likely to end the divorce by 64% chance.

About 6% of of the world population may suffer from Sex addiction

Women think about sex as frequently as men do


Here are the most common reasons why people visit sexologists :-

  • Loss of interest in intercourse “Low Libido” : LOW LIBIDO is abnormal decreased or loss of sexual desire. Everyday life issues can find their way between you and your partner, sometimes one of you feel stressed, sometimes you’re not in the mood and sometimes you’re just not into it anymore. A sex therapist can explain to you how this is happening and help you get through it.
  • Premature ejaculation : Premature ejaculation is uncontrolled rapid-onset ejaculation just before or shortly after penetration.
  • Anorgasmia : Anorgasmia  is difficulty or inability of reaching orgasm or climax after normal sexual stimulation.
  • Pain during intercourse : Also most cases of pain during intercourse indicates an organic disease, it’s advisable to seek sex therapy as an adjuvant treatment for the pain.
  • Erectile dysfunction : Erectile dysfunction is the failure of  a man to get and maintain an erection that’s strong enough for sexual intercourse. About 40% of all men of the middle age group, and 70% of the old age group are affected with ED.
  • Pornography and sex addiction : About 6% of US population are addicted to sex, and about 40 million Americans are regular visitors to porn sites. Our country is no better exception though
  • Having an affair: Cheating is one of the most common reasons why a patient seeks sex therapy.

Whether you are having troubles with erection, premature ejaculation or you don’t feel satisfied after intercourse or you find it hard to accept your body, or you have barriers between you and your partner that prevents you from having healthy intercourse, visiting the best sexologist in chennai can go a long way in helping you through




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